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2023 New York Pay Transparency Law - HR ALERTS

2023 New York Pay Transparency Law

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Effective September 17th, 2023, New York’s new pay transparency law will apply to all employers who have four or more employees. These employees do not have to be located in New York, any employer in New York is eligible if they have at least four employees located anywhere.

This new law requires employers to include the compensation or compensation range for any job, promotion, or transfer opportunity in the job posting, even internal postings. If the position in the post has a job description, it also must be included in the posting. These requirements exist regardless of if the job is posted by a third party. This also includes postings for jobs that are not physically performed in New York, as long as that position reports to a supervisor, office, or other worksite in New York.

Any compensation range must include a minimum and maximum annual salary/hourly rate. It has to be provided in good faith, which means it must be a reasonable estimation of what that particular position will be compensated when filled. If a position is paid on commission, the employer must state in the posting that the compensation is based on commission.

For more information, the New York Department of Labor has posted a fact sheet on their website to assist employers with these changes. If can be found here.

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