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Colorado Initial Job Application Information Restriction - HR ALERTS

Colorado Job Application Information Restriction

HR Alerts : Vida HR Knowledge Center

As a reminder, effective July 1st, 2024, employers cannot ask or require applicants to provide their age, birthday, school attendance dates, or graduation dates on an initial job application. Employers can ask applicants to verify their age when it’s required by law, but not on the initial application. Employers also can ask for application materials such as certifications and transcripts, but they must notify the applicant of their right to remove information that would identify age, birthday, or school-related dates.

Employers may want to update their initial application process to ensure compliance is met when this law becomes effective. For more information, you can view the law here.

Get day-to-day updates on Colorado Job Application Information Restrictions, visit the Vida HR Knowledge Center (Vida HR Clients Exclusive).


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