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Employee Microchipping in Alabama BANNED - HR Alerts

Employee Microchipping in Alabama

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Recently, Alabama passed unique legislation preventing employers from requiring their employees to be implanted with microchips or any sort of other ‘permanent identification marker’.

While that may sound like something straight out of 1984, recent technological advancements such as the increased usage of A.I. programs may have influenced lawmakers to start addressing potential tech abuse problems before they arise.

Alabama defines ‘microchip’ as any device implanted under the skin that is passively or actively capable of transmitting personal information to another device using radio frequency technology. They have not made definitions for any device implanted on top of the skin. This requirement goes into effect September 1st, 2023. Employers in Alabama who are microchipping their employees may need to review their device policies. Those who wish to view the law about "employee microchipping in Alabama" can find it here. Get day-to-day updates on the next states to pass microchipping bans on the Vida HR Knowledge Center (Vida HR Clients Exclusive).


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