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States Make Vaccination Status Protected Class - HR ALERTS

Vaccination Status Protected Class

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Employers in Florida and Utah may want to update their EEO policies; the state recently passed legislation that prevents discrimination based on COVID-19 vaccination status, or general vaccination status in the case of Utah. Multiple states have started passing laws that prevent employers from mandating a COVID vaccine, so this new protected class may soon follow in other states as well. Texas may be well on its way, while not signed yet, a bill has been introduced to prevent discrimination based on vaccination status. Employers who have employees in Florida and Utah should review their handbook and vaccination policies to make sure they comply with these new requirements.

States this is in Effect:

  • Florida

  • Utah

States introducing Bills:

  • Texas

The Florida 'Vaccination Status Protected Class' law can be found here.

The Utah law can be found here.

The Texas bill, as introduced, can be found here. Get day-to-day updates on the Vida HR Knowledge Center (Vida HR Clients Exclusive).


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