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New Required Pregnancy Accommodations Introduced in States - HR ALERTS

Required Pregnancy Accommodations

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On the heels of the Federal Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, Minnesota passed legislation expanding their own pregnancy accommodation laws. Before, their laws applies to employers with 15 or less employees, but now it is all employers with at least one employee. In addition, the previous law stated nursing mother protections only applied for 1 year after the child’s birth, and the employer did not have to provide break time if it would disrupt the operations of the employer. Both of these restrictions no longer apply to the new law. Other accommodations added include longer and more frequent restroom breaks, and limits on lifting over 20 pounds. For a full view of the changes, the law can be found here.

Minnesota isn’t the only state that had new required pregnancy accommodations introduced . North Dakota also recently required that employers of all sizes provide the accommodations that are required by their state law. You can find the law here. Many states are expanding their laws when it comes to pregnancy and lactation accommodations; make sure to be on the lookout as more will inevitably come. Get day-to-day updates on the Vida HR Knowledge Center (Vida HR Clients Exclusive).


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