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Texas Prohibits Mandatory Vaccination for COVID-19 - HR ALERTS

Updated: Feb 2

Texas Vaccination for COVID-19

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Effective February 6th, 2024,

employers cannot adopt or enforce policies that would require employees, or potential applicants, to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. This law is true for employers of all sizes.

Employers also cannot take adverse action against an employee or applicant for refusing to take a COVID-19 vaccine. Healthcare facilities, providers, or physicians can have a reasonable policy that requires unvaccinated employees to use personal protective equipment (PPE), but they still cannot take adverse action against refusing the COVID-19 vaccine.

Employers who are in Texas, along with those who have employees in Texas, should make sure they do not have a policy that would require a vaccination. For multi-state employers, they may want to reconsider an all-inclusive policy, and tackle the policy state-by-state.

For more information, the new law may be found here.

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