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By: Regina Dyerly, SHRBP, PHR
VP, Human Resources & Operations

With the best of intentions and mounting workloads, we have all worked with co-workers who repeatedly come to work sick. For employers, and HR Professionals, it is common practice to institute and enforce attendance policies. After all, showing up to work on time is essentially one of the most basic requirements of employment. This is where it can be difficult to create a culture that both expects regular attendance, but also encourages employees to take sick leave and stay home when needed without feeling bad about it.

Here are some considerations pertaining to encouraging employees to stay home when sick:

  • You will have less absenteeism overall. First, by reducing the possibility of spreading illnesses, and second, by allowing the employee to recover at home, they typically will recover quicker.

  • If possible, give employees the option to work remotely when needed. This allows employees that are “a little under the weather” to maintain their productivity.

  • Do not create a punitive policy to manage the outliers. Yes, some employees will find a way to take advantage of any situation, but it is easier and more consistent to give all employees the benefit of the doubt. If there is a pattern of behavior, that should be addressed and managed.

  • Encouraging employees to stay home when ill reinforces that you trust them and care about ­­your employees’ welfare. In turn, you will boost morale, which typically correlates to lower turnover. It is a Win-Win.

Here are four tips to get sick employees to stay home:
  1. Executives and Managers should lead by example and stay home when they are sick

  2. Communicate support for employees to stay home when sick

  3. Create a Wellness Committee

  4. Allow flexible and remote work options

While this is a different mindset and may seem unstructured, it does not need to be. Create a formal remote work, flex work, or sick policy that gives you the flexibility to manage your workforce, while still holding employees accountable when necessary. In truth, many states are taking this decision out of employers’ hands, so it is time to get ahead of the curve if you have not done so ready.

Sick Employees Stay Home
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Spanish Support

By: Brandy Doggett
Project and Implementation Manager

PrismHR is working to improve their Spanish support and accessibility. In a recent release, they announced that the “Preferred Language” as listed in the employee file and in the employee portal will drive whether the employee views the Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal in English or Spanish. The portal language can also be changed on the ESS login screen.

The preferred language setting is not limited to only the ESS Portal, but also includes the Onboarding and Benefit Enrollment Portals as well. If your company is interested in launching the Spanish environment for those with a preferred language of Spanish, please reach out to Vida HR for more information and to configure the portal to best support your employees’ needs.

Prism HR Feature: Spanish Support
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IMPORTANT: 2022 Compliance Webinar

Hello! My name is Emma. I joined the Vida HR team as a Benefits Administrator in August. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management from the University of New Mexico. Go Lobos! My PI profile is a Guardian. This means  I prefer detail and skill-based work.

A little about me:

I have two ‘fur children’ named Sebastian and Samson whom I adore. My partner and I love to take them to the dog park as much as we can. I also enjoy watching Horror movies. The Shining is my favorite movie in that genre and I’ve had the opportunity to visit the Stanley Hotel in the past. I would say a guilty pleasure of mine is watching Grey’s Anatomy. You would think after 18 seasons the story would become stale, but it doesn’t. (Maybe I am a little biased...)

Employee Highlight: Emma
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