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Image by Matias Tapia
 February 2022 
Vote Vida HR: Best in Springs

By: Brandy Doggett
Project and Implementation Manager

Have you ever wished your Prism HR employee portal could be customized with your company’s specific branding? Well, now it can be! We offer a fully branded employee portal for all Vida HR clients using our payroll services, so your employees can be certain they are in the right place when accessing W2’s, Paystubs, and so much more. Custom branding the employee portal for your employees creates a more trustworthy and cohesive experience. Using your company’s logo and preferred background image, we can create a custom user experience for employees. If you would like your employee portal custom-branded, please reach out to your Vida HR Payroll Specialist, or for non-clients, reach out through the “Contact Us” page.

Prism POrtal Ex.png

*Here is an example of our internal Vida HR login page portal branding for inspiration.

Prism HR: Customized Portal

By: Debra Fowler, SHRM-CP
Training & Compliance Manager

Co Written By: Harrison Parham


This last month, The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) halted the vaccine-or-testing mandate that was to be imposed on large employers. Following the ruling, OSHA has withdrawn the ETS and announced they plan to reprioritize to finalize a permanent COVID-19 Healthcare Standard. Details on this permanent standard have yet to be released.

However, in a separate case, SCOTUS did rule to allow the COVID-19 Healthcare ETS, a more limited mandate that requires vaccination for health care workers in facilities receiving federal money. This means that health care facilities that participate in Medicaid or Medicare still fall under the Health and Human Services rule requiring vaccines for workers.


While this does not in any way prevent employers from making an individual decision to require vaccines, the OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) has been withdrawn for all non-federally funded health care facilities. Full or partial vaccine mandates issued by individual companies, including those the same as the OSHA ETS, remain lawful given the policy complies with medical and religious accommodation under local, state, and federal law. Additionally, employers who are not under local or state law stating otherwise, no longer are bound by law to pay employees for time spent getting vaccinated and/or recovering from vaccine side effects.

The Supreme Court did not issue a ruling concerning the federal contractor vaccine mandate; thus, no change has been made to the current federal contractor mandate as of Feb 7th.


Graphic is Up-to-Date as of 02-03-2022

OSHA Vaccine ETS: Supreme Court Update

The Current Data

(Zippia, 2022)


Average Cost/
Non-Executive Hire


Average Cost/
Executive Hire

(Zippia, 2022)

"Applications that take longer than 15 minutes. . .
[will] not receive a response from more than 70% of job seekers."
(HR Dive, 2022)

WhiteBurst Outline.png
WhiteBurst Outline.png
WhiteBurst Outline.png
Recruitment in 2022

You Can Offload the Stress of Recruitment and Save Money with:

Vida HRPO.png

In today’s tight labor market, recruiting talent is a full-time job that requires dedicated, focused support. Vida HR partners with our clients by offering flexible and scalable recruiting solutions. ­Our RPO service options provide high-volume talent acquisition services for both professional and non-professional positions. Vida HR delivers a quality candidate experience designed to positively impact your employment brand awareness.  

Benefits of 

Vida HRPO bl.png

One of Vida HR’s Guiding Principles is Excellent People Deliver Excellent Results, and we know this is true at every company.  Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution is committed to helping you find the right people so you can focus on your business.

  • Scalable Model

  • Recruiting Expertise and Best Practices

  • Reduced Time to Hire

  • Stronger Quality of Hires

  • Reduced Hiring Costs

  • Improved Candidate Experience

  • Enhanced Employment Brand

  • Increased Hiring Manager Satisfaction

  • Consistent and Compliant Hiring Process

  • Seamless Integration

YellowBurst Outline.png
YellowBurst Outline.png

Vida HR offers Recruitment Process Outsourcing services for existing clients. If you are looking to optimize your recruitment process, contact your Vida HR - HR Business Partner, otherwise, visit the contact page


Hi everyone, I’m Shelley and I’ve worked for Vida HR for close to 5 years now as a Payroll Tax Specialist in the accounting department.  My PI profile is Operator, which means I am a patient, conscientious team player.  My background is in accounting, and I enjoy working with numbers.  Previously I spent 20 years with a small company working in ‘Accounts Receivable and Payable’.  At that company, we used Vida HR for our payroll needs.  When Vida HR found out that the company that I worked for was being bought out, they offered me a job.  I jumped at the opportunity and have enjoyed being a part of this dynamic company ever since.

A little about me:

At home, I tend to be much more visual and creative.  I enjoy cross-stitching, embroidery, and needlepoint, and I spend a lot of time in the yard planting and growing flowers.  I’ve always got a plan as to what new flower bed I want to put in. When I’m not at home you can usually find me spending time with my friends and helping my parents with various tasks from shopping to yard work.  I’m one of the few employees at Vida HR that does NOT have a dog.  I’m a cat owner and PROUD OF IT!

Employee Highlight: Shelley
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