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FAMLI & Colorado SecureSavings Act Registration

By: Debra Fowler, SHRM-CP
Training & Compliance Manager


Colorado’s Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) Program Registration is now open.  All employers in Colorado, and those outside of Colorado with employees in the state are required to register with the FAMLI Division no later than April 30, 2023. 


Vida HR has started the process to enroll clients and set up accounts now in December.


If you are a client of Vida HR, and you haven’t already let us know, please contact us if you want Vida HR to complete the registration process for you.

What we need from you:

  • Notification you want Vida HR to register for FAMLI on your behalf.

  • Name and email address of internal employees you need to have access to your FAMLI account

If you are registering your own business and have payroll services through Vida HR, we need you to grant access to Vida HR in order to make quarterly payments and submit wage reports. 


Information about Private Plan options is still forthcoming – if you are interested in getting a quote for Private Plan options you may want to contact your Benefit Broker of choice to get more information. 


**Please note, our understanding is Private Plan options are only being quoted for employers with 10 or more employees.  For employers with 9 or fewer employees, brokers are recommending signing up for the State funded FAMLI plan.

Colorado SecureSaving Act 

Colorado SecureSavings is coming up in 2023!  The Colorado SecureSavings Program will be notifying individual businesses when it is time to register the business, including when your business can apply for an exemption.  This notification will include an Access Code, which will be needed to register or apply for exemption.

A reminder about what the CSSA is:

  • State-facilitated retirement savings option for employees through payroll deductions.

  • Mandatory for employers without an existing qualifying retirement plan.

  • Employers with an existing qualifying retirement plan can apply for an exemption from the program.

  • Employers are not required to or allowed to contribute to employee retirement accounts through CSSA.

  • Voluntary participation for employees, they can opt out and re-enroll at a later time.

If you are a client of Vida HR, we can help you with that registration process.  We will need a copy of the notification your business receives from Colorado SecureSavings that includes the access code.

Colorado SecureSavings offers an easy checklist for employers:
Colorado SecureSavings Employer Account Checklist

FAMLI Registration
Colorado SecureSavings Act Registration
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Posters will be provided to Vida HR: HRO Clients

Labor Law Posters Reminder
Tax Form (W-2/1099) Delivery System
Tax Form Delivery System:

What You Need-to-Know

Track1099logo color.png

Vida HR is using a W-2 and 1099 transmission system called Track1099 for sending year-end tax documentation to employees and independent contractors for 2022.


Employees and independent contractors with an email address on file will receive an email from Track1099 to set up a login. Once the W-2 and/or 1099 forms are available the employee/independent contractor will be notified via email and can log in to safely access their tax forms. 


This process is safer than regular USPS mail in that the employee/independent contractor has the control to access tax forms when they are available and tax information does not get lost. Track1099 is approved by the IRS for delivery of tax documentation.


Employees without an email address on file will be receiving their tax documentation via mail and should ensure their mailing address is accurate in the PrismHR system to ensure quick delivery.


Incorrect mail and email information may result in delayed receipt of tax documentation. 

Track1099logo color.png

Opt-Out of E-Delivery:
Prefer a Physical W-2/1099? Click the Button Below:

Please include 
Employee Name: 
Employer Name:
Address to Send Physical Tax Document:

* A new opt out request must be filed per individual. Please share the newsletter link with staff, so they can opt out of E-delivery on their own. Requests will not be processed without the proper information. All requests are due by January 6th, 2023.

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Watch the Full Webinar: 

2023 Colorado Compliance Webinar




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Copy of Altruist.PNG

Hello, I'm Lisa!

I’ve worked for Vida HR for almost 1 year, and am starting my new role as Client Success Manager. My career started in retirement planning and the financial world, but I realized I liked to work more directly with people and moved into the HR realm about 5 years ago, starting with Labor Relations. I’ve really enjoyed benefits because I know how important it is for our clients, especially in our world today! My PI profile is Altruist, which means I am people-oriented, sociable, and precise! I think the Altruist profile describes me to a T! I am very analytical & like to work on the nitty gritty details, however, I need to recharge around people.

A little about me:

I’ve been married for about 8 and a half years to my middle school sweetheart, and we just welcomed our first child in September! We are overjoyed that he is a part of our family now along with our dog, Archer, and cat, Clark. We’ve put aside some of our hobbies at the moment to navigate new parenthood, but we typically love to visit local Colorado breweries & shop till we drop on the weekends! We are “nerds” at heart and love all things Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Marvel!

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