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Thank You!

Dear staff, clients, and stakeholders,

We are honored to extend our heartfelt thanks to each one of you for your support in helping us win the "Gazette Best of the Springs" award in Human Resources Services. This recognition would not have been possible without your trust, dedication, and loyalty. We are proud to have you as part of our team and appreciate your hard work and commitment to excellence. Thank you once again for your contribution in making our organization a winner.

Vida HR: Best of the Springs 2023
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Exclusive Vida HR client training.

MAY 11 | MAY 25


MAY 11 | Influencing Others to Grow

MAY 25 | The Well-Rounded Leader

Vida HR is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDC) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP® recertification activities.

Register for any amount of the 4-part series. Each workshop will be standalone and/or progressive if you attend all 4. 

Reminder: 4-Part Leadership and Influence Workshop
HR Insights: Disruptive Dogs at Work
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My job has always been pet-friendly and allows employees to bring their dogs to work. I like dogs, I have dogs at home, but I find my co-worker’s dog to be really irritating. It barks and growls every time the front door opens, it chews on my stuff, and begs me for food all the time. I have made a few comments to my co-worker and to my supervisor, but they are friends and hang out on the weekends, and nothing has changed. What can I do?

There have been studies that show that pet-friendly workplaces tend to have more productive work environments, lower levels of stress and anxiety, improve overall emotional and physical health, lead to decreased absenteeism, and appear to boost morale and improve work-life balance.

The Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) includes fun videos about pets in the workplace called The Woofice as well as a handbook on how to create a pet-friendly environment: The Woofice | HABRI

That being said, any dog allowed in the workplace, including those who are service animals, should be well-behaved and not cause disruptions in the work environment. Employers who are promoting a pet-friendly work environment should have guidelines in place for allowing dogs in the workplace which may include requirements for supervision, vaccinations, adequate training, and a “no barking” policy as well as employee responsibilities for damage, cleaning, disruptions, etc.

Additionally, there should be an option for employees that have allergies or do not like dogs to have an alternate “pet-free” workspace.

As for what you can do to improve the situation if your supervisor isn’t addressing the issue – contact Human Resources. Let them know about your concerns, the dog’s behavior, and the actions you’ve taken to address the situation with your co-worker and supervisor. HR should take the next steps to speak with the employee who has the dog and remind them of the guidelines for animals in the workplace; HR should also speak with the supervisor to let them know how the situation should be handled in the future.

Calm for Business (A Wellness Benefit Case Study)

A New Wellness Benefit (A Case Study)

Calm for Business

Vida HR  implemented Calm for Business, a mindfulness and meditation app, as a wellness benefit for their employees over six months ago to assist with stress management. The decision to offer this benefit was based on the company's commitment to supporting employee well-being and recognizing the impact of stress on employees' mental health and productivity. Since its launch, Calm for Business has been well-received by employees, with a high sign-up and engagement rate indicating that the app is meeting their needs for stress management and promoting mindfulness.

"It has certainly helped to get me through some stressful times. All aspects between the movements, breathing exercises, music, and mindfulness have all been very nice to have access to."


Here's what our employees have been saying about it:

Employee Sign-Ups & Engagement

80% Engagement

Since its launch on October 1, 2022, 88.2% of eligible employees have signed up for Calm. Of the employees who have signed we have had an 80% engagement rate. This indicates that a majority of employees who signed up for Calm have found value in the app and are actively using it.

Top Content Categories

Among the content categories available on Calm, employees have been making the most of Calm music. The music playlists have multiple sessions leading to more session starts than other programs in the app. Other popular categories include sleep, meditation, and masterclasses.

Illustrated Music World

Dependent Coverage


Each Calm for Business membership now includes coverage for up to 4 additional dependents, making it possible to have a total of 5 members on a single account. This enhancement has been met with positive feedback from our users. The Calm Kids feature offers a diverse range of content tailored for younger audiences, such as Sleep Stories featuring excerpts from beloved children's books and popular characters, as well as concise meditations like Balloon Breath. Moreover, the platform also provides Mindfulness for Teens, which further enriches the overall value of this employee benefit.

Usage Throughout the Day

Since launch, employees have been using Calm throughout the day. The app has been used the most in the afternoon, with over 900 sessions recorded during that time. The usage has been relatively consistent throughout the day, with employees using the app in the morning, afternoon, and evening.


In addition to offering Calm for Business, Vida HR also hosts three times a week 15-minute Collective Calm - Mindfulness Breaks. These breaks provide employees with an opportunity to disconnect from work and focus on their mental health and well-being. These breaks are optional and employees are free to join when available or needed. The Collective Calm breaks have been well-received by employees, and have been a valuable addition to the company's wellness offerings.


Overall, the implementation of Calm for Business has been a success at Vida HR. The high sign-up and engagement rates indicate that employees find the app valuable and are actively using it to manage stress and promote mindfulness.

HR Stew: Podcast
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The Podcast from

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Hello, I'm Faith!


I joined Vida HR in June 2022 as the Director of Employee Relations. With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare and technology sectors, I have a diverse skillset, including expertise in employee relations, performance management, compensation, talent management and organizational development.
My PI profile is Strategist - I am results-oriented, innovative, and analytical with a drive for change. I enjoy working with all organizational levels and apply my Strategist attributes to drive client operational success.  

A little about me:

I was born in Ohio to Jamaican parents who decided to emigrate back to Jamaica to raise me and my 3 siblings. Growing up in Jamaica provided a foundation for my adventurous spirit and gave me the confidence to return to the US to attend Michigan State University. I am an avid Spartan fan!! I moved to my “Dream” home state of Colorado in 1991. My husband and I have 2 adult daughters and currently enjoy being Empty Nesters! I love nature photography while on our camping, fishing and hiking excursions throughout Southwestern Colorado.    

Employee Highlight: Faith
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